Intranet Solutions

One TeamHR office Intranet Solution is unique web based software designed to improve the internal communication in various organizations. The basic idea of the intranet enable seamless communication between the management and the employees, it also has a strong Employee Relationship Management (ERM) system which facilitates instant, effective, quick and secured interaction between offices and remote staff. It helps system administrators to securely manage and broadcast information to relevant users, facilitates instant communication of company news and build easy reference document and knowledge libraries which are fully secure.

Our One TeamHR application allows controlling various departments like recruitment, training, competence and career management, time management and many. We have expertise in implementing the intranet application in various domains and industry verticals.

  • Employee

    An employee is key user in any organization who can access different Modules depending on the access rights.

  • Wall

    The user can post status updates instantly with any general topic or announcement which can be viewed by everyone in the organization.

  • Organization Chart

    The organization chart dynamically collects all the information from the employees profile and displays to report to the concerned person.

  • Document Management

    This is the most salient feature in the intranet which is used frequently to share documents ,view version and user access logs.

  • Content Management

    All the latest content can be published into the intranet website, company profile, new product launch, branches and locations information.

  • Search

    Search for any data and fetch results instantly like documents, employee information, content and many.

  • Opinion Poll

    Opinion polls are to represent the opinions of a employees by conducting a survey.

  • Suggestions & Feedback

    All employees can give suggestions and feedback to help and improve the organization.

  • Visitor Gate Pass

    This feature allows the visitor to have hassle free experience while visiting the company by issuing the gate pass to security